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Cleaning Your Countertops: Do’s & Don’ts

Whether natural or man-made, maintenance is the key to long-lasting countertops.

Often, our clients ask us for tips on how to keep the stones clean, so here are the do’s and don’ts!

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Marble Will Never Go Out Of Style. Do You Know Why?

Marble lasts forever. Thousands of years.

With proper maintenance, you will always be able to enjoy a beautiful piece of art that will add value to your home for years to come.

Masterpieces like the Parthenon, Pisa Cathedral, the Taj Mahal, the Lincoln Memorial, Michelangelo’s David, are examples on how durable and timeless the natural stone is.

Ideal for:

  • Bathrooms
  • Floors
  • Fireplace Hearts
  • Vanities

Marble is NOT recommended for busy areas.

Maintenance: Avoid any acid substances on the marble. If stained, immediately use water & soap for a safe cleaning.

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How To Take Care of Your New Countertops


When looking for your next countertop, one of the primary factors the customer needs to pay attention to is how much care is required to keep your stone looking good as new. Some stones are easier to take care of than others, but like any object in the home, you must form a cleaning pattern to ensure everything works at its best. Today we will break down the essential rules to keeping countertops clean

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