How To Take Care of Your New Countertops


When looking for your next countertop, one of the primary factors the customer needs to pay attention to is how much care is required to keep your stone looking good as new. Some stones are easier to take care of than others, but like any object in the home, you must form a cleaning pattern to ensure everything works at its best. Today we will break down the essential rules to keeping countertops clean


Quartz is a man-made product, and by far the easiest stone to clean on this list. Because of its composition, Quartz never needs to be sealed, and rarely needs to be professionally cleaned. Almost all household cleaning products will work on Quartz, however, anything using acetone or ammonia must be avoided at all costs. Some manufacturers will void your warranty if the stone is cleaned with a product containing acetone or ammonia, as it can degrade the surface and leave behind a foggy finish. Take extra care with acidic foods such as lemons as these can degrade the surface if left overnight on quartz.  


On the other end of the spectrum, Marble is one of the most difficult stones to keep clean. Lighter colored marbles are notorious for staining, however in less-used kitchens this can be negated by proper sealing routines. Sealing is the best way to keep marble clean and it is worth the investment to have a professional 15-year sealer put on your marble as well as regular 6-month sealing done to the surface.  


Granite and quartzite have much of the same care requirements. Being more durable than marble, you can get away with sealing every year to 18 months. In general, it is important to note that all stone will have natural cracks and fissures on the surface. This does not degrade the material integrity but can allow some substances to remain in the stone if not properly sealed. There are many household products that will clean and seal the surface in one go which is useful for regular cleaning. If you have any questions or need to schedule a sealant treatment for your countertop, contact Absolute Stone Design today!