Why Compac Quartz?

Quartz has become the go-to product for countertops in recent years. It is durable, stain-resistant, and requires no maintenance or sealing beyond regular cleaning. Despite these inherent qualities, not all quartz is created equal and there can be massive ramifications in choosing an inferior quartz brand. In order to better serve our clients, Absolute Stone Design has recently partnered with Compac surfaces to carry their entire quartz line throughout central Virginia. There are several factors that make Compac Quartz a natural choice for fabricators and homeowners including unparalleled design, technology, and eco-friendly production. Compac has heavily invested in futureproofing their product line and ensuring that they are ready for what customers demand long before they demand it.


Compac has partnered with several designers to create new and innovative designs unlike anything else on the market. One of the most prominent features in all their designs are the thru-vein pattern which creates a look of depth and allows color to be seen on exposed edges as well as the surface of the stone. This creates a seamless look on sink cutouts and edge work giving Compac quartz the closest natural resemblance on the market.  


Coupled with their design, Compac has used new materials and procedures in their quartz to make it the most technologically advanced on the market. Compac quartz does not have the same temperature issues as other quartz due to their exclusive use of natural vegetable-derived BIOresins. Additionally, Compac uses up to 97% pure quartz in their slabs making them more durable and attractive than other quartz products.  


Compac is committed to environmental protection and sustainability in their production and distribution of slabs. Using almost all natural products in its construction, Compac quartz does not use harsh chemicals or introduce them to the home and environment unlike cheaper quartz companies. For more information regarding Compac’s reforesting plans, environmental protection, and eco-friendly production, go to