Outdoor Kitchens in 2022 Are Becoming a Necessity

Outdoor Kitchens  

With 2021 out of the way, the world looks toward the future on how to regain our connections with ourselves, nature, and each other. When creating a space for yourself or to entertain, many people have looked outside of the box, or more appropriately, their home, for ways to bring what matters to them together again. With winter beginning to recede, new opportunities have opened outdoors for new and exciting ways for people to entertain, and 2022 is set to be a huge year for outdoor spaces and kitchens. 


Virginia is a beautiful state surrounded by natural features. Many home buyers prioritize a home with ample space for them to use at their will with large backyards and wooded areas. An outdoor kitchen is a great way to highlight landscaping for a dinner party or get-together. For these occasions, it is important for a space outside to look as put together as a space inside. When compared to indoor spaces, outdoor spaces can create a truly unique look and feel with similar costs to indoor kitchens giving a homeowner the freedom to enjoy the beautiful days or evenings of Virginia.


When it comes time to select the surfacing for outdoor spaces, special considerations must be made to ensure material integrity and durability. When selecting stone for outdoor use, there are two primary options, natural stone and man-made stone. In the natural category, stick to granites with a honed or leathered finish as granite will have the durability to hold up to outdoor conditions. If the granite choices are too few for your liking, there are several man-made products suitable for outdoor use such as Dekton by Cosentino and Terazzo by Compac. These stones have been specially formulated to hold up to the most rigorous conditions. Regardless of countertop finish, having the space to enjoy the outdoors will prove to be a worthwhile and enjoyable investment.