The Elegance and Beauty of Marble


Marble is an incredibly famous and versatile stone. With unrivaled beauty and workability, it has been the chosen medium for sculptors and artisans for hundreds of years. The marble look is identified by long flowing veins set on a crisp background and has been copied and imitated for use on all manner of household objects. When it comes to the real thing, Marble is an incredibly diverse and interesting family of stone with hundreds of amazing colors and patterns. Today we will explore some of what this stone has to offer, and how you can best utilize it in your home. 

As a countertop material, Marble brings unparalleled design and color choices to the home. Formed deep within the earth, it is sometimes hard to imagine that what you see before you in a showroom is an unaltered and natural product. While it is a more delicate stone which requires more care and attention to detail, its strengths are its timeless beauty and recognizability. Any home which uses Marble for countertops, either kitchen or bathroom, is immediately set in a class above and is a powerful tool for selling your home or leaving an impression on guests.  

Whether you need to create a new space or revitalize your existing space, Marble is the best bang-for-your-buck when it comes to quality and beauty in your stone. Despite its increased care requirements, marble can be used for almost anything from backsplash panels, to tile, and of course as countertops. At Absolute Stone Design, we source our marbles from only the finest and most selective quarries in the world. Most of our Marble is sourced directly from quarries in Italy, Spain, and Brazil and is hand selected for quality and beauty. If you are thinking about using Marble in your home, contact us today and stop by to see these beautiful stones in person.