Best Colors For 2022

A new year brings new design inspiration to millions of homes across the country. After so many months cooped up in our homes, designers and homeowners have been searching for ways to make their living spaces more inviting, naturalistic, and elegant. As specialists in countertop design and installation, Absolute Stone Design has been preparing for new market demands and color choices which we feel will dominate the 2022 season. Here are our top 5 picks for 2022.  

  1. GOLD – Gold can bring elegance, sunlight, and shine to any space. Used on cabinet pulls and faucets paired with a countertop containing gold can subtly and effortlessly add interest to a kitchen or bathroom. (STAT GOLD/MACCHIA VECCHIA) 
  2. GREEN – 2022 is a chance for all of us to leave the confines of our homes once again and escape into nature. Using green on cabinets and counters can bring natural tones right into your home. Green is a great accent color for classic or modern designs and can be offset by light or dark stone easily. (FANTASY BROWN) 
  3. GRAY – Gray has a reputation of being boring and not suitable for the dominant color in a room. Nowadays however, gray can be paired with an accent color to create a dominant and stand out area of your kitchen or bath while matching almost anything next to it. You can take this to the next level by picking a matte finish on the cabinet or countertop to add to the dramatic look. (ICE WHITE/BLUE PEARL) 
  4. BLUE – Blue has been on the up and up in the past few years, and 2022 is no exception. Multiple shades of blue can be used in the same room to give an open and inviting feeling, or to create contrast with another color. It is extremely difficult to get blue tones in stone, and only the rarest and most sought-after stones contain the minerals necessary for this amazing color. (BLUE BAHIA)
  5. MATTE – While not a true color, matte finishes have been on the rise in both countertop and cabinet design. In countertops, customers can choose between a honed (normal matte) or leathered (textured) finish depending on personal preference. Matte can be a great way to prevent glare in a sunny room or to highlight the stones movement and natural texture. (ANY MATTE)